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Syncing PST-file via SkyDrive

Can I put my Outlook pst data file in SkyDrive or Dropbox and use it as my active Outlook pst file so my two PCs can both sync and use the same pst file? No, while you can place a copy of it there, so you'll create an on-line copy too, it is not... [more]

Syncing Outlook with mobile device

How can I sync my mobile phone with Outlook? That really depends on your mobile phone. Here are some links to the software provided by some popular mobile phone brands and mobile operating systems. If you can't find the one for your... [more]

Watch out for fake virus alerts

Rogue security software, also known as "scareware", is software that appears to be beneficial from a security perspective but provides limited or no security, generates erroneous or misleading alerts, or attempts to lure users into participating... [more]

Free Antivirus Software isn't enough

Free Antivirus software may seem like a bargain. But it's not. It does not provide the comprehensive protection you need against today's biggest online threats. So when you trust your computer, applications, files and identity to free antivirus... [more]

Help kids use social media websites

These days, many kids draw little distinction between real life and online life. They may use social websites designed for children such as Webkinz or Club Penguin, or social websites designed for adults such as Windows Live Spaces... [more]

Android: Speed it up

Is your phone getting a bit laggy? Are you having trouble swiping left to right? Just before you curse your mobile operator for selling you some hunk of poop, here are a couple of little things to watch out for that might just smooth out your... [more]

What are permissions?

Permissions are rules associated with objects on a computer or network, such as files and folders. Permissions determine whether you can access an object and what you can do with it. For example, you might have access to a document on a shared... [more]

Include folders in a library

A library gathers content from various folders. You can include folders from different locations in the same library, and then view and arrange the files in those folders as one collection. For example, if you keep some of your pictures... [more]

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